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The United States is the world’s leading pupil destination. It offers an incomparable compass of opportunities for scholars from all fields to study and exceed in their chosen fields. Coupled with a frugality that requires new gifts every time, it’s the ideal destination for scholars looking to study and make a life after scale. With a US pupil visa, it’s possible to study in the USA.

Dr. Raju’s, one of the best consultancy in Hyderabad for MS in USA, offers authoritative support that scholars need to study in US universities with a US pupil visa. Our understanding of the US education system and vast experience with its pupil visa process make us your stylish bet of USA education consultants to study in the US.

Why USA?

The US universities are suitable to give the stylish possible platform to international scholars with a pupil visa. This is highly evident from their high rankings that makes it worthwhile to study in the USA. The country’s education system offers the most comprehensive coursework to scholars with an equal emphasis on both practical and theoretical literacy.

Dr. Raju’s being a US student visa consultant in Hyderabad assures you and confirms that studying in the USA  means affordable education providing an outstanding support system for overseas students in healthy and safe communities with access to internships equipped with an exciting campus lifestyle.

Serial No. Global Rank University
01 #1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
02 #3 Stanford UniversityInstitute of Technology (MIT)
03 #5 Harvard University
04 #6 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
05 #10 University of Chicago
06 #13 University of Pennsylvania
07 #14[tied] Yale University
08 #19 Columbia University
09 #20 Princeton University
10 #21 Cornell University
11 #23 [tied] University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
12 #25 Johns Hopkins University
13 #30 Northwestern University
14 #32 University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
15 #40 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
US universities’ intakes are divided into three categories so the students have an option to choose the term of their study, flexibly:
  • Spring (January)
  • Fall (September)
  • Summer (May)

Major Intake is the Fall Semester – August/September 

Second Intake being the Spring Semester – January/February 

Third Intake is the Summer Semester – May/June.

You can choose an intake that fits and suits you perfectly according to your requirements. Remember that the deadlines for application submissions are usually a few months before the start of the semester. 

About Dr. Raju’s

Dr. Raju’s came into being in 2006 when our founder Dr. Prasad Raju came back to India after finishing his Master’s in the USA and realised the lack of high-quality services in Coaching and University Consultancy. He had been a reputed professor and a career guide to a plenty of engineering students by then, and so, he began to train Masters aspirants to get into top universities. Thus Dr. Raju’s Academy was established, where every year hundreds of students are guided to top-notch Masters’ programs in diverse fields of study. Many of our alumni are currently in leadership positions at MNCs across various industries.

Dr. Raju’s mission is to enable aspirants to get into specialised and in-demand master’s courses, which significantly impact their careers.

With a vision to make our expertise reachable to all genuine aspirants who are passionate about pursuing higher education at Universities across the world, at Dr. Raju’s, we care about the careers of our students as if it’s our own.

Trainers & counselors at Dr. Raju’s strive to deliver the most effective training & guidance providing fair and unbiased service to each and every student and we aim to foster a community in which members help each other in their career progression.

Dr. Raju’s being the best USA Education Consultants in Hyderabad provide services like coaching in GRE, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, DUOLINGO and application guidance along with USA, B2, F1 & H1B visas. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can discuss all your career-related questions with us. We can give you good insights based on our experience guiding multiple students. Schedule a call with us to talk about your career. 

    Although we have tie-ups with multiple universities, we do not force anyone to choose them. Our students also go to non-tie-up universities, ranked very high for their programs. We do not suggest low-ranked universities that are bad for your career. Instead, we only encourage students to choose good-quality universities where there’s a good return on investment.  

    We have an in-house Ivy League graduate and a network of students who went to the top most universities in the world across different streams and specializations. So we have the required expertise to help you crack into top programs for your field. 

    Through extensive research and past knowledge, We match about 15-20 universities based on your profile, course of study, preferred location, budget etc. We also provide your “chances of admit” for each university suggested to you, based on our historical student admit data available. We make sure we suggest Universities across all rankings and nudge you towards applying to a balanced set of universities. 

    Yes. Specifically for working professionals, we make sure we are available on weekends as well (usually Saturdays). We give extra time for working professionals only on these days to help finish their applications. 

    If you represent a college or an institution that requires bulk enrollments for students, do get in touch with us.