GRE Quick Learn

This compendium of 2400-plus essential GRE words (including 1000 High Frequency GRE Words) is the outcome of a decade of plumbing through all the text completion questions and reading comprehension passages of official GRE materials and also those dozens of computer-based GREs available in the market. While there are several effective ways of learning and memorizing GRE words such as the memory trick method, root based approach, etc., Nevertheless, the most effective and speedy way of learning is to understand the words and their meanings in a straight and clear cut manner- known as the "rote learning method," which gives you a bird’s eye view of the comprehensive GRE landscape word list at one simple flight! Features:1.High frequency GRE word list -1000 words. 2.An additional essential GRE word list -1400 words.3. A word list of 600 words for non-native speakers of English. 4.Easy learning experience in less time through rote method. 5. A synoptic account of vocabulary for all types of competitive exams

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