GRE Word List With Memory Triggers

Like a target, Dr. Raju's GRE word list gets ingrained in your mind! This proven methodology is based on more than a decade's practical research on vocabulary acquisition, retention, and usage. Many students have no idea of the advanced university level vocabulary that appears on the GRE tests. If you are one of them, you found the right book. GRE Wordlist: Vocabulary with Memory Triggers will teach you the words you just need to know, sharply and efficiently. Absorb the words-not just acquaint with them, which is what most vocabulary books do. Try memory triggers-guaranteed to fix each word and its meaning permanently in your mind-and be a GRE word wizard!

How to use this book- Each word consists of four elements:

1. The Word: The word you wish to learn, followed by phonetic pronunciation and definition. Example: aesthetic (es THET ik)- concerned with beauty; artistic

2. The Memory Trigger: The memory trigger is a simple word that rhymes or may signify the main word. Example: Athletic

3. Trigger Sentence: The link connects the main word and the memory trick in a sentence. Example: athletic body appears aesthetic

4. Sample Sentence: Kumar carved an aesthetically pleasing wood sculpture.

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