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Karan Goyal-UG-7.55/10-GRE-142V-157Q-AWA-3-TOEFL-93-WORK EXP-MSCS-FALL 2014

« on: October 04, 2013, 08:19:55 PM »


Karan Goyal

Hello Dr.Raju Sir and Friends


Please help me in evaluating my Profile for MS CS or Software Engineering. I have decent SOP and LOR's but no papers or priors research work in past.


Fall 2014

B.tech (CS) - 7.55/10 (GPA)

GRE - 299(142- Verbal 157- Math)

TOEFL -93 (22,22,23,26)


2012 Passout and has been working as a technical support engineer.



UT Arlington(MS CS)

SFSU or SDSU(Not sure which is good based on job prospects)

CSU Long Beach or Fresno or Chico(Not Sure which is good based on job prospects)

U Mass Boston


NYU Poly

SUNY Albany

SUNY Bringhampton

University of illinois Springfield


I can apply as early as possible to get admits . Please suggest


If Possible please add 1 or 2 universities in my list in which I will be able to get Full Funding.


hELLO kARAN..my predictions in one or two it my go wrong..but you can rely

SJSU(SE)-100% admit-No funding

UT Arlington(MS CS)-100% admit-no funding

SFSU or SDSU(Not sure which is good based on job prospects)..both


have same quality and characterstics-100% admits

CSU Long Beach or Fresno or Chico(Not Sure which is good based on job prospects)--all are on same boat-100%

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmy advice not to apply to so many Cal Universities..VISA officer may doubt you as abt potential Immigrant

U Mass Boston-100%

RIT-almsot 100%

NYU Poly-100%

SUNY Albany-100%

SUNY Bringhampton-99.5%

University of illinois Springfield-100% admit..


that means you have played completely safe game and selected city areas too...except Springfield, Albany..


But none of the Universities offer any real funding may be 10 - 20 % fee waiver ..which is insignificant



Funding is usually rare in City based Universities ..but if you go to rural areas ..you may get funding but no job prospects

if you can spend 20 to 25 lakhs you can apply to some of them above


you may add

1.    George mason-100 %..but job prospects are good

2.    UMKC-100% ..some fee waiver may expected..