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Kakoli-GRE-310-TOEFL-110-pHd material Science and Engineering-GPA-8.83/10-FALL14

« on: November 15, 2013, 03:32:15 PM »


I am a PhD aspirant applying for PhD in Material Science and Engineering..I have completed my Masters in Nanoscience and technology with a CGPA of 8.83 out of 10 (topper)..I have done two projects but no publications..presented a poster in an International conference with a paper in conference proceeding..

TOEFL: 110

GRE: not yet appeared..expexting around 310

I have shortlisted some Universities. Please evaluate them on the basis of safe/moderate/ambitious..


Pennsylvania State university

University of Washington

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

University of Colorado at Boulder

UC San Diego..

UC Davis

Carnegie Mellon University

Purdue University


Please help me.. DrRajus Gre




Re: Kakoli-GRE-310-TOEFL-110-pHd material Science and Engineering-GPA-8.83/10-FALL14

« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2013, 03:46:11 PM »


Unfortunately PD admissions are unpredictable unlike MS ...Since it requires long term commitment of 5 years it needs anod from professors...Before applying better write to professors about your intention delineating  your back ground , academic credentials coupled with GRE/TOEFL scores...Other than scores your SOP/RECOs must be extraordinarily cogent...


The way you have selected universities is puzzling...because all comes under risky category..not to apply to too many risky ones. may be 3 to 4


1.    Pennsylvania State university--30%

2.    University of Washington--30%

3.    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign--almost next to impossible unless you have IIT background and couple of research papers..

4.    University of Colorado at Boulder--50%

5.    UC San Diego..-50%

6.    UC Davis-50%

        Carnegie Mellon University--30%

7.    Purdue University--40%

But i am not pretty sure of you getting in any of the above..unless you start a dialogue with the professors in the above universities ...


Since there is nothing like safe in PhD programs .you may also try the following --you may get at least  couple of admits..

1.    Univ of Connecticut..very good material science and engg program

2.    Colorado School of Mines

3.    SUNY, Stony Brooks

4.    SUNY, Binghampton

5.    Univ of Alabany--college of Nanoscale science and Engineering

6.    Clemson University

7.    Univ of North texas, Denton