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Jahnavi-UG-84.2-GRE-309-162-Q-147V-AWA-3.0-MSEE-FALL 2014

« on: September 22, 2013, 07:06:51 AM »


Hello Raju Sir,

How are you doing? I thought of meeting you in person but due to my tight schedule and my job im unable to meet you...


I'm fall 2014 aspirant and planning to do masters in EE


My profile :

GRE:309(162Q 147 v awa 3)

TOEFL: waiting for the score

ACADS: 84.12%

Experience:7-8 months as a software engineer from an MNC

Projects:4 academic and non academic projects

Undergraduation in Electronics and Communication Engg(ECE)


Please suggest me a few universities where i can expect funding.


Also please list out the universities in the states where it is easy to find jobs after im done with my Masters


Thanks in advance



Hello Jahnavi...studying in Decent college shd be top priority..automatically it leads to a nice job...funding is a totally different aspect...if you get all good things you will be lucky ..but you got to compromise a bit in or two things..


let us see how you shuldd approach

Ambitious ones : you may not get ..but just a try ..you may select one or two here:

1.    Univ of Colorado Boulder

2.    Georgia Tech

3.    Penn State

4.    TAMU, College Station

5.    NCSU


Moderate Ones: Your realistic chances of studying hangs here...not 100 % sure of admit in all these ones ..80 % chances

1.    UIC , Chicago

2.    SUNY, SB

3.    Rutgers

4.    UTD

5.    Univ of Utah

6.    Suny, buffalo

7.    ASU

8.    univ of Arizona


Safe Bets:

1.    Oklahoma State University (some funding chances)

2.    Texas tech (some funding chances)

3.    George Mason

4.    Univ of North Carolina, Charlotte

5.    Univ of Akron, ohio (some funding chances)

6.    West Virginia (some funding chances after a sem)

7.    Northern Illinois (funding chances)

8.    Univ of Huston, main Campus