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Ivy League Admission-VIT

« on: October 19, 2013, 05:00:52 AM »


Dr.Raju's GRE ,sir kindly advise me

What kind of profile should I have for Ivy League admission in electrical engineering

I am 3rd year student (vit) giving gre this December. I am preparing well want to know what gre,tofel scores to aim at? Also please give me tips for sop,lor .i will most probably have cgpa of 8.2 when applying

I have 2 paper publications and good extracurricular activities along with good community service record


Thank you


There are 8 Ivy league schools

1.    Brown University -Rhode island

2.    Columbia University -New York

3.    Cornell University -New York

4.    Dartmouth College -New Hampshire

5.    Harvard University -Massachusetts

6.    Princeton University -New Jersey

7.    The University of Pennsylvania -Pennsylvania

8.    Yale University-Connecticut


They are not going depend entirely on GRE or TOEFL

1.    GRE Scores

2.    TOEFL Scores

3.    UG Academics

4.    UG School Reputation (Like IITians, BITSians, NITians)

5.    SOP

6.    Reco Letters

7.    Resume

8.    Research Work

9.    Work Experience if any

They see the holistic profile consisting of above parameters :

In your case if you get GRE above 330 or some where close to that you can apply to few Ivy league schools in alternative programs such as Engg. management ...since regular programs are pretty difficult to get into :

But nevertheless you can still try..let me know if you get 330 score and TOEFL somewhere around 110..I will suggest few ....