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Britain is attractive to worldwide advertisers because it is ______market, so there is no need to tailor advertisements for different parts of the country.

A      a global

B      an uncomplicated

C      a vast

D      a homogeneous

E   a uniform

F   an immense

ashok kumar

Date: 2018-08-14


The sentence describes a country whose different parts share a similarity that does not require differential action (tailoring for different parts) by advertisers. The blank must designate this sameness. While the words “vast” and “immense” produce sentences with the same meaning—and “global” less so—they all describe size, not similarity. Being “uncomplicated” might also attract advertisers, but it suggests a different virtue than similarity, and there is no other word that produces a sentence with the same meaning.

Thus the correct answer is a homogeneous (Choice D) and a uniform (Choice E).