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Dr. Raju's Notes: It is a public/state university located at Terre Haute in the state of Indiana, established in the year 1865.  It is a medium sized public university roughly accommodates 12000 UG+PG students. This university gives liberal admits for average academic profiles to International students. It has tie-ups with some Indian Consultants to promote and attract Indian and International Students.


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Useful data:


1.      IELTS requirement: 6.5


2.      TOEFL Requirement: 79 (higher GRE verbal score like 150 can compensate totally for a TOEFL core)


3.      Credential Evaluation: WES evaluation is  not required


4.      Courses offered:

  • MS CS
  • MS Electrical & Computer Technology
  • MS Technology management


5.      GRE score-Around- 290 (150 Quant is minimum)


6.      Application Deadlines: May -1st admission for fall.2. Oct 1st - Spring admission


7.      GPA: 65% with 4-6 backlogs are accepted.


8.      Tuition Fees: Total Cost- USD 24,000/30 credit hours- for two years -Some fee waivers and funding options may be possible in III semester . (** cost is  Excluding living expenses )


Final Verdict: If you are moderately OK  with the finances-- this is one of the best option for average academic credentials in USA.  If you have average academic credentials (65% with few backlogs) + IELTS-6.5/TOEFL-79+ 290 GRE.. this University is going to be a savior. The cost of study will be anywhere close to Max 14-16 lakhs depending upon your willingness to work part-time (if available).



Special Note on Indiana State University: In the process of providing information on Universities which are suitable for moderate academic credentials and low GRE scores (285-295)..I am here with providing information on Indiana State University to student community. Here I don't want to take a stand on whether a particular university is good or bad. Since it may unnecessarily invite some feelings (may be positive or negative) which are unwarranted at this juncture of application and admission (later VISA) process.. The students are advised to thoroughly seek information from the alumni before they initiate the application process of any University which offers an easy admit to the Indian student.