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The lizards snapped up insects that are so (i)_____that other potential predators avoid them. Among the lizards’ prey were some beetles that they initially (ii)________because the insects were spraying their hot, irritant defense chemical at the time. Yet even these produced no apparent ill effects, since the lizards, having eaten, proceeded on their way (iii)________   enough.

Blank (i)            Blank (ii)            Blank (iii)
A   rare         D   sought      G   erratically
B   nutritious      E   rejected      H   laboriously   
C   noxious      F   resembled   I   nonchalantly

ashok kumar

Date: 2018-08-14


Blank (i) calls for a description of insects that predators would generally avoid. “Noxious,” meaning harmful, is the correct answer; there is no reason to suspect that predators would avoid nutritious or rare prey. Blank (ii) characterizes the lizards’ initial response to beetles they eventually ate, and since it is followed by a clause beginning with “because,” the lizards’ response must be explained by the beetles’ irritant-spraying behavior. “Rejected” fits these criteria; animals routinely avoid unpleasant stimuli. “Sought” is incorrect because it is unlikely that lizards would seek out prey with such defensive behavior, and “resembled” is incorrect because nothing else in the passage suggests that the described behavior is shared by the lizards. Finally, the author states that eating the beetles apparently did not harm the lizards; the “since” of the last sentence introduces the evidence on which this observation is based. Thus Blank (iii) must be filled by a word that suggests the lizards were unharmed. “Erratic” or “laborious” postmeal locomotion might indicate otherwise; therefore the
correct answer for Blank (iii) is “nonchalantly.”

Thus the correct answer is noxious (Choice C), rejected (Choice E), and noncha-lantly (Choice I).