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An innovation of the eighteenth-century cookbook writer Mary Cole was that in her work she (i)______the earlier books from which her recipes were drawn.Even in those numerous instances in which she had collated into a single version, which she could have called her own, the recipes of several earlier writers, she(ii)_______them.

Blank (i)

A   preserved

B   enhanced

C   acknowledged

Blank (ii)

D   took pains to cite

E   sought to imitate

F   could not surpass

ashok kumar

Date: 2018-08-14


The second sentence suggests that Cole did not call certain recipes her own even though doing so would have been justified. Blank (ii) must describe Cole’s actual practice, which contrasts with calling the recipes her own. Among the answer choices only “took pains to cite” provides a direct contrast, so it is correct. Because the second sentence is presented as a special or extreme case of the first, the answer to Blank (i) must be similar in meaning to Blank (ii). “Acknowledged” is the only choice that fits this criterion, so it is the correct answer to Blank (i).

Thus the correct answer is acknowledged (Choice C) and took pains to cite (Choice D).