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Abhinab-GRE 316 (Q- 164,V-152, AWA 3.5), TOEFL 106, B.E- 79.6% (no backlogs)


Hello Dr.Raju sir,


would you please evaluate my profile

GRE: 316 (Q-164, V-152, AWA- 3.5)

TOEFL: 106 (R-26, L-29, S-24, W-27)

B.E - 79.6% honours (topper 85.2%)


2 final year projects

2 summer internships

No publications


10+2 : 79.6%

10th : 83%


I am planning to apply for MS in Structural engineering (with emphasis on earthquake engineering) fall 2014. I intend to apply to public universities and it would be a great help if you could kindly provide me a list of universities under ambitious, moderate and safe, based on my profile.


Also how are my chances of getting admits from the following:

1)    University of Arizona, Tucson

2)    Arizona State University

3)    University at Buffalo, SUNY


Best regards,




Re: Abhinab-GRE 316 (Q- 164,V-152, AWA 3.5), TOEFL 106, B.E- 79.6% (no backlogs)



Hello Abinab ..

You have 100 % chances of an admit in all the 3 Universities you have listed;

I may not go to a depper level earth quake engineering..but I can suggest you for structural at least 

Ambitious :

1.    Georgia Tech

2.    PENN Sate

3.    Purdue

4.    TAMU College Station



1.    Iowa State

2.    univ of Florida

3.    Univ of Colorado boulder

4.    North Carolina State University


safe Admits are:

1.    Univ of Connecticut

2.    Univ of Cincinnati

3.    Arizona State University

4.    SUNY, Buffalo