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AB-298-gre-92toefl-57%acads-ms mis-fall 2016



Q:   Please evaluate my profile.



GRE v149 q149


57% Mumbai University

2+ years quality work exp


kindly suggest some low cost safe, moderate


Re: AB-298-gre-92toefl-57%acads-ms mis-fall 2016



Atul in fact with certain limitations (low acads & low quant) your own selected list is not bad either. The GPA mars the decent verbal & TOEFL scores...so I am unable to suggest any grandiose universities like Univ of Cincinnati, Ohio or SUNY,, Buffalo for MS MIS programs...

Your selected list

1.    Central Michigan University- MS IS close to 100% admission

2.    Dakota S University- MS IS-close to 100%

3.    Northern Illinois University- MS MIS-90% admission

4.    Univ of Illinois Springfield-close to 100%

5.    Univ of Nebraska, Omaha-90%

6.    Univ of Alabama, Huntsville- MS IS

7.    University of Arkansas, Little Rock- Master of Information Systems-close to 100%

8.    Unv of Nevada, Las Vegas- MS IS- 90 %chances of an admit

9.    Texas International University, Laredo- MS MIS-almost 100% Admission

Some Additional Stuff.

1.    CSU, Fullerton- MS IS & Decision Sciences- Almost 100%

2.    University of Akron, Ohio- MS ISM-95% admission

3.    Wright State University- MS MIS-99% admission

4.    Governor State University- MS MIS-100% admission

5.    NJIT- MS MIS-90% admission

6.    George Mason University- MS IS-90% admission chances