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MS Embedded Systems- US University List



Dear Students: Here is a list of Universities that offer Embedded Systems as a Specialization in Computer Engineering or Computer Science Branch (some times in Electrical Branch too)

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MS - Embedded Systems-In US Universities - Expert Advice from Dr Raju

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Excerpt Notes:


1.    This list just gives a peripheral view : You are advised to apply caution by browsing yourself through the University web-sites or the links associated with this article

2.    In some Universities it is a specialty area

3.    In some Universities it is just a Course Work

4.    It may be offered in Electrical and Computer Engineering or in Computer Science department as a part of research , specialization or just simply like a course work)

5.    For convenience the list is categorized as Very High ranked, Moderate to high ranked and Low ranked Universities


6.    GRE Scores are just symbolic representation and there could be lot of variation based on 1.UG Academics,2. 3.UG reputation, 4.GRE, 5.TOEF/IELTSL, 6.Research, 7.Work Experience, 8.SOP & reco- Some top ranked universities prefer holistic approach and some universities are academics and GRE centric


Low to Moderate Ranked (>300 to 310 + Good Acads+Decent SOP)


1.    George Mason University

2.    Oakland University

3.    University of Denver

4.    Florida Institute of technology

5.    Tennessee Technological University

6.    San Diego State University

7.    San Jose State University

8.    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

9.    University of North Texas

10.  New Mexico State University

11.  University of New Haven

12.  Monmouth University

13.  St. Thomas University

14.  California State University, Fullerton/Long Beach



Moderate to High ranked: GRE (More Than 310 (sometimes 320)+ Good Academics+ Good SOP & Reco)


1.    Boston university

2.    Syracuse University

3.    University of Arizona

4.    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

5.    North Carolina State University

6.    SUNY Stony Brook

7.    Mercer University

8.    SUNY, Buffalo

9.    Indiana University, Bloomington

10.  University of Illinois, Chicago

11.  Arizona State University



High ranked to Very high Ranked- (GRE More Than 320+ Great Academics+ excellent SOP & Reco+ US College Reputation+ research+ Work--a holistic approach )


1.    Univ of California , Santa Barbara

2.    Columbia University

3.    University of Texas , Austin

4.    Cornell university

5.    Purdue University

6.    University of California , LA

7.    University of California , Davis

8.    University of Pennsylvania

9.    Duke University

10.  University of California, Irvine

11.  Carnegie Mellon

12.  University of Michigan , Ann Harbor

13.  Stanford University

14.  California Institute of technology

15.  University of Wisconsin, Madison

16.  University of Maryland, College Park

17.  University of Minnesota Twin Cities

18.  Rensselaer Polytechnic

19.  University of Washington, Seattle

20.  Princeton university

21.  Texas A & M College Station

22.  Virginia Polytechnic University

23.  Georgia Tech