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MS Business Analytics and Data Science


Note:     This University lists are given in 3 clusters...some universities are repeated in the three clusters..


Faculty entrepreneurs continue to respond to new business needs and trends in decision support technologies with revised and innovative academic programs. Innovative programs related to decision support are a response to the expanding amounts of data available in organizations and a desire by managers to analyze the data and make use of it as part of business operations. The terms analytics and data science have recently been used to label new masters degree and graduate certificate programs.


Analytics degree programs help students learn to use quantitative and statistical analysis tools with large data sets and then interpret the findings. The term is most often used in U.S. business schools. Data science programs place a greater emphasis on the technical knowledge associated with managing large data bases and less emphasis on how to analyze and interpret the data. Data science is a term used in Computer Science and Information Science programs.


The Michigan State University Broad College of Business Masters degree in Business Analytics provides a good example of a best-in-class curriculum. The program is 31.5 credit hours and it is designed to be completed in one calendar year (three full-time consecutive semesters) from January to December. There is an anchor class in Business Analytics in the first semester. The anchor course topic is strategic use of data management and business analytics and why such tools are important. There are also courses in the first semester on managing information systems projects, managing large databases, and communicating analytics results. The second semester focuses on applied statistics, marketing data collection and analysis, and a statistical problems course that involves data analysis. The final semester includes a technical course in knowledge discovery/data mining techniques and tools, an emerging topics class covering "big data", data marts, etc. with a project, a capstone course on predictive data analysis, and a 1.5 credit course titled "Ethics and Intellectual Property Issues".


What is the need? According to a Stevens Institute of Technology press release (12/2/2011), David Belanger, Chief Scientist of AT&T Labs, argued “most large companies today collect hundreds of trillions of characters of data. This data is used in many industries, from finance to marketing and advertising ... getting full business value from the data requires not only the ability to use the tools of data management, data analysis and visualization, but, at least as important, the ability to frame the right questions, understand the domain of use and clearly articulate the findings. This program will give students that training.” Belanger took part in the creation of the Stevens Institute Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) program.


The following is a list of 23 programs selected and verified from both Press and Swanstrom's lists of Universities with degrees in analytics, business intelligence or data science. Please send me web links to additional programs and feedback on the programs listed.


23 Great Schools with Master’s Programs in Data Science






MS Business Analytics and Data Science


1.     Boston University’s Metropolitan College

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems concentration in Database Management & Business Intelligence. Click here



2.     Carnegie Mellon University

         Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) degree with a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) concentration. Click here



3.     Central Connecticut State University

         Master of Science in Data Mining. Click here



4.     DePaul University

         Master of Science in Predictive Analytics. Click here



5.     Drexel University

         Master of Science in Business Analytics. Click here



6.     Fordham University

         Master of Science in Business Analytics. Click here



7.     Georgia Southern University

         Master of Science in Computer Science degree program with a concentration in data and knowledge systems (online). Click here



8.     Kennesaw State University

         MS in Applied Statistics (DSAS). Click here



9.     Louisiana State University,

         Master of Science in Analytics (MSA). Click here



10.  Michigan State University

         Master of Science in Business Analytics. Click here



11.  New York University

         Master of Science in Business Analytics. Click here



12.  North Carolina State

         Master of Science in Analytics (MSA). Click here



13.  Northwestern

         has both a Master of Science in Analytics and a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (online). Click here for Analytics and Click here for Predictive Analytics




14.  Oakland University

         Master of Science in IT Management - Business Analytics. Click here



15.  Stevens Institute

         Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics. Click here



16.  St. Joseph's University

         Master of Science in Business Intelligence. Click here



17.  University of California – Berkeley

         professional Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) . Click here



18.  University of Connecticut

         Master of Science in Business Analytics and Project management. Click here



19.  University of Cincinnati

         Master of Science in Business Analytics. Click here



20.  University of Michigan- Dearborn

         Master of Science in Business Analytics. Click here



21.  University of San Francisco

         Master of Science in Analytics/BI (online). Click here



22.  University of South Florida

         Master of Science in Management Information Systems focused on Business Intelligence (online). Click here



23.  University of Texas, Austin

         MS IORM. Click here







1.     IIT, Chicago- Master of Data Science




2.     University of North Carolina, Charlotte- PSM in Data Science & Business Analytics




3.     George Mason University- MS Data Analytic Engineering



4.     University of Texas, Dallas-MS Business Analytics




5.     Arizona State University -MS Business Analytics




6.     University of central Florida -MS Data-mining Track




7.     Rutgers University- Master Of Business & Science (PSM)




8.     North Carolina State University- MS Analytics (no GRE is needed)




9.     University of South Florida- MS MIS ( Concentration- Business intelligence, Big data, Analytics)





10.  University Of Pittsburgh -MSIS- Big Data Analytics




11.  Worcester Polytechnic Institute -MS-Data Science



12.  NYU Stern-MSBA- Business Analytics



** NYU -MS MIS also offers some research area and course work in database and data-mining



13.  Cornell University-M.Eng. -concentration in Data Analytics



12.  University of UTAH- MS IS-(Business Intelligence-concentration)



15.  University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign- M.S. in Statistics with concentration in Analytics



16.  University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign- M.S.I.S (Concentration Business Analytics & Data Mining)



17.  University of Texas Arlington-MS Business Analytics



18.  George Washington University- MS Master in Business Analytics



19.  Indiana University, Bloomington- MS data Science



20.  NJIT- MSCS ( Electives- Databases and Data mining)


         NJIT-MS IS(core- business mining & analytics)



21.  University of Rochester- MS Computer Science (Concentration- Data Science)-




22.  Rochester Institute of Technology- MS CS-(Concentration- database and intelligent systems )




23.  University of Florida- Gainsville- MSISOM-(Concentration- Business Intelligence and data Analytics)







The following Universities may also have Masters degrees in analytics, business analytics, business intelligence, data science or decision support.


Universities with Data Science Degrees


1.     Stevens Institute of Technology-MS Business Intelligence & Analytics

2.     North Carolina State University-MS Analytics

3.     Northwestern University -MS Predictive Analytics / Analytics

4.     University of Cincinnati-MS Business Analytics

5.     University of San Francisco -MS Analytics

6.     Louisiana State University-MS Analytics

7.     Michigan State University -MS Business Analytics.

8.     UC Berkeley iSchool -MSIS Information Management and Systems

9.     Carnegie Mellon University -MISM Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

10.  George Mason University-MS Informatics or Data Science

11.  New York University -MS Data Science

12.  Carnegie Mellon University -MS Very Large Information Systems

13.  Brown University -PhD Big Data

14.  University of Washington-PhD Big Data

15.  Penn State University -PhD Social Data Analytics

16.  George Washington University- MS Master in Business Analytics

17.  St Joseph University, PA -MS Business Intelligence-MS Business Intelligence and Analytics

18.  Pace University -MS Customer Intelligence and Analytics

19.  Fordham University -MS Business Analytics

20.  NYU Stern--MS Business Analytics

21.  USC -MS CS with Data Science

22.  Illinois Inst. of Tech-MS-Specializations in Data Science

23.  Bentley University -MS-Marketing Analytics

24.  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute -MS-Business Analytics

25.  University Of Texas-MS-Business Analytics

26.  University Of Pittsburgh -MSIS-Big Data Analytics

27.  University Of Southern California (USC) -MS Data Science

28.  Georgia Tech-MS-Computer Science with specialization in machine learning

29.  Illinois Institute of Technology -PM-Data Science or MS-CS specialization in Data Analytics

30.  Drexel University -MS Business Analytics

31.  University of Chicago -MS Analytics

32.  University of Michigan – Dearborn- MS Business Analytics

33.  University of Tennessee-MS Business Analytics

34.  Columbia University -Masters in Data Sciences

35.  Texas A&M University -M.S. in Analytics

36.  Harrisburg University of Science and Technology-M.S. in Analytics

37.  Bowling Green State University -MS Analytics

38.  Southern New Hampshire University-M.S. in Data Analytics

39.  University of Maryland University College -M.S. in Data Analytics

40.  DePaul University -M.S. in Predictive Analytics

41.  Brandeis University-M.S. in Strategic Analytics

42.  University of Connecticut-M.S. in Business Analytics and Project Management

43.  Arizona State University-M.S. in Business Analytics

44.  University of Texas at Austin- M.S. in Information, Risk and Operations Management

45.  Cornell University-M.Eng. concentration in Data Analytics

46.  Rutgers University-Master of Business and Science with concentration in Analytics

47.  University of Maryland, College Park-M.S. in Business with concentration in Marketing Analytics

48.  Harvard University-M.S. in Computational Science and Engineering

49.  University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign- M.S. in Statistics with concentration in Analytics

50.  Kennesaw State University -M.S. in Applied Statistics

51.  Southern Methodist University -   M.S. in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics

52.  Cornell University -Master of Professional Studies- (MPS) in Applied Statistics (Option II: Data Science)

53.  University of Washington-PhD in Statistics, track in Machine Learning and Big Data

54.  University of Colorado at Boulder- MSBS-Business Analytics

55.  Worcester Polytechnic Institute -MS-Business Analytics

56.  U. of Arkansas Little Rock-MS-Information Quality

57.  University of Rochester-MS Data Science

58.  University of Texas at Dallas-MS Business Analytics

59.  University of Central Florida-MS Data Mining