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What are the major requirements to study in U.S.?  - V


Prior to the application process, it is important to think about the degree and the course you would like to pursue as the requirements and eligibility may vary based on these factors.


In general, the admissions process to U.S. universities is based on a holistic assessment of student capabilities, and a typical application will have many components.


Your academic record across high school and college, standardised test scores (SAT/ACT for undergraduate studies and GMAT/GRE for graduate students), tests for English language proficiency such as TOEFL and IELTS, letters of recommendations from teachers, professors or work supervisors, essay or statement of purpose, and research/work experience will all be significant for your study in the U.S.


Each of these is factored into the admissions decision and therefore, any one component will not be a determinant of admissions.


For more detailed information on the process of planning, short-listing, and applying to U.S. universities, you can visit our website link on Study in U.S.