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What factors are taken into consideration when deciding student visas and how can students be successful? - BR


Students must prove to the officer that they're qualified for the student visa.

Here's what you need: a genuine desire and intent to study (meaning studying is the primary reason for your travel), a credible plan for finances (which can be tough as graduate school in America is a significant investment), and an intent to return to India (which means that you must prove to the officer that you aren't using the student visa for economic or immigration purposes.)


You've really got to convince us you're a student first and foremost, with the purpose of getting a world-class education, and separate yourself from the many students who are more interesting in working or play on a student visa.


For students who have already been refused, you have an uphill battle. We don't encourage you to reapply again immediately, because all the officers are trained to evaluate students similarly.You will likely find the same result – at an expensive cost – unless you can demonstrate that you're a better candidate than before.


Do something that you can proudly tell the officer makes you a better candidate, whether that's showing off some new work experience, boasting a higher test score or better articulating a strong academic plan.