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Visa appointment time : 10AM, 30/05/2018 Hyderabad
I reached by 8:30AM, straight away joined the queue.
Interview completed by 9.40AM
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** Greetings **


Q : why sjsu ?
A : coursework is really flexible, the curriculum is up to date with the software industry and also I can choose specializations like data science and cloud computing.
Q: sponsors?
A : mother is sponsoring me, she earns X lakhs per annum, she works for life insurance Cor...stopped !! ( I was about to tell her about savings but I think she's not interested)
Q: education loan ?
A : yes, 30 lakhs from Avanse.
Q : 30 OR 13 ?
A : three zero 30
Q : is it collateral or non- collateral ?
A : non collateral
Q : why non collateral?
A : they have sanctioned the loan based on my mothers profile.
Q : what other universities did you apply for ?
A : sdsu, u of Oklahoma, KSU, UHMC.
Q : why sjsu over others ?
A : same reason, coursework is flexible, I can choose different specializations.
Q : so you are working in Accenture ?
A : yes, I resigned recently. 24th may was my last working day.
Q : why ?
A : our project got rolled off from Accenture, so I have to start fresh again, learn from beginning. So I thought it was right time to resign and after started learning computer courses from web.
Q : GRE ?
A : yes, 310
Q : so it is 18 months course ?
A : yes ( not sure why I said, but out of nervousness I said)

She took my passport, that's it