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I'm in my final year of an electronics and communication engineering program, and I plan to apply to schools in the U.S. for engineering management for the fall 2013 session. I have two questions: Which schools in the U.S. offer the best engineering management courses and how should I spend these next few months before I apply? Would an internship in HR or management internship be the best use of my time, or should I also consider volunteering for certain NGOs where I can do something good for society while gaining administrative and HR skills?  - L

Engineering management is a program of study that is closely allied to mechanical engineering, industrial management, operations research, and plant management. 

For a list of universities that offer this course, please see www.petersons.com which is a graduate school search engine

Once you complete your present degree, you might consider employment related to your intended field of study. Work or research experience in the same field as the intended course of study is a valuable component of any application to graduate studies in the U.S., and relevant experience is certain to boost your profile as it attests both to your credibility as a student and commitment to the field

Extracurricular activities and community/voluntary work play a lesser role in the graduate admissions process.