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Dear F1 Visa Applicants,

Dr.Raju's is happy to bring out the collected F1 related Visa Question Answers from USA Consular Visa Officers and also from USIEF personnel published in their Bi-weekly Column in the English News Daily - The Hindu

We request students to subscribe to the paper "The Hindu" Daily Paper to go through these columns generally published on Alternate Monday's.

There's no intention of Copyright violation from our part, except to provide the right and authentic information to the needy students.

We will be providing Our own analysis and comments on the said topics. And it's our personal opinion only, not to be confused anything with USA Consulate views on said topics.

We at Dr.Raju's advise students to use their own discretion and judgement in following any advice given by us, at their own risk. We are not responsible for any sort of damages happen in whatsoever fashion and of whatsoever nature, if you follow the same.

You need to check for right and correct information at the links provided by USA Consulates in India and also from the authorized website 


Their instructions and information is final and one need to follow the same if you are applying for F1 visa from India.

Hope you get more insight into Visa related issues from this section of our forum and enjoy the posts and prepare yourselves accordingly in order to get the visa.

Good Luck ! And All the Best !

Dr.Raju's Team.