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Me: Good Morning

VO: Good Morning. Pass me your Passport. *oh F1 Visa* Pass me your I-20

VO: So you're going to do Master's in Biometrics (As it is mentioned as a major in my I-20)

Me: No sir, I am going for MS in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

VO: What is Bioinformatics?

Me: Told the definition

VO: What kind of work do you do after Masters?

Me: I want to work as a Bioinformatics Analyst and told about the ongoing researches and contributions to the researches as an analyst.

VO: When did you graduate?

Me: 2017

Vo: What is your GRE Score?

Me: 294

VO: Who is your sponsor?

Me: My father and I have a secured loan worth XXLakhs from SBI and PF worth XXLakhs and Savings XXLakhs

VO: Your Visa is Approved. I am keeping your passport and don't forget to carry your I-20

Me: Thank You, Sir

Just think this as a conversation and not like an interview.