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F1 Visa Interview:
Hyderabad consulate 9 AM 24th July

Me: Good morning mam, how are you?

VO: Pass me your i20.

VO: I see, you have been to USA before on what VISA?

ME: H4.
Types something...

VO: Did you start your college at University of Houston-Clearlake?

ME: Yes, I started there and now I am transferring to University of Memphis.

VO: Why are you transferring to Uof M?

Me: My husband moved from Houston to Memphis. He had to joined St.Jude Children’s cancer research hospital that’s the reason I am transferring.

VO: Who is going to sponsor you?

ME: I have received Graduate assistantship.

VO: What was your undergraduate in?

ME: Pharmacy

VO: What was your GPA in 1st semester?

ME: 3.4

VO: Did you fail in any of the subjects?


VO: Undergraduate %

ME: 64.%

VO: Any backlogs?


VO: Did you write GRE?

ME: yes

VO: GRE score

ME: told

VO: When did you pass out?

ME: 2011

VO: What you did between 2011 and 2016?

ME: I was working with CTS and TCS in Pharmacovigilance domain.

VO: Asked my Job title

ME: Told

VO: OKAY, I am issuing your VISA.

The most important thing is to remain Calm. The more you remain calm, more confidently you will be able to answer questions. I know it is not easy when you see people with green letter and you can see people getting their visas rejected.
My F1 was rejected 3 times in 2012. I had lost all hopes and never wanted to go to US. But maybe I was destined to go. I got married in 2016 and my H4 visa was approved. We again decided to go for F1 and wanted to give it a try sincerely.
I think if you have an admit from good university and course, definitely more chances of approval.