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The Visa Officer was a lovely lady. She was sweet and friendly.

VO: Good morning.

Me: Good morning ma’am (*smiling*).

VO: Please pass your passport and i20.

Me: Yes sure, ma’am. (* while passing*)

VO: so, Why Northeastern University?

Me: Well, There are several reasons for choosing NEU (*I always mentioned it in full form*). NEU is a highly research oriented university with highly experienced faculty members. The curriculum for construction management is very well designed and it aligns to my interest. Also, its one among the top 40 universities for graduate civil engineering program. That’s why I chose NEU.

VO: Which all universities did you apply?

Me: I applied in 3 universities, (*named them- NEU, IIT-C, UT-Arlington).

VO: and got admits in?

Me: Both NEU and IIT-C.

VO: Alright, Who is sponsoring your education?

Me: My father will be sponsoring my education. He has set aside a savings of xx lakhs rupees for my education.

VO: What does he do?

Me: He is a civil engineer working in XX Company, in XX.

VO: Ok, Do you know his annual salary?

Me: Yes ma’am, in Indian rupees its xx lakhs.

VO: Oh ok. So you didn’t take any loan for your education.

Me: No ma’am. VO: So, what’s your plan after graduation? Me: Ma’am, if given an opportunity, I would definitely use the OPT period for the experience. After that, I plan to come back to India. (*Then explained some stuff about my plans after returning).

VO: What’s GRE score? Me: Ma’am, its 313.(*pronounced it like thirteeeeen for not getting confused it with 330

VO: Alright, then. I’m approving your visa.

Me: Thank you ma’am. (*I just ran from the counter without even noticing whether she said something after that :P).

I was really nervous but interview went really smooth. My personal advice is to be specific and confident while answering. The VO should be convinced with your answers. I don’t know whether it’s true, but I have heard they can identify from your body language whether you are a genuine candidate or not. So dress well, be prepared. All the best to all waiting for their VI.