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Our Consultancy Department has guided students from different streams of study, to Universities across the world! 

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Study Abroad

If you're planning to study abroad, choosing and applying to a right set of Universities based on your requirements can be a challenging task. Having guided students over the years, we can help make the process easier and less time consuming for you.   

Every student who consults us, has his/her unique set of Goals, Skills, and Requirements for Higher Education.  Keeping that in mind, we suggest a List of Universities to the students depending on the below parameters- 

1) Academics

2) Course of study 

3) GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores (Based on University requirements)

4) Budget

5) Funding/Assistantship requirements.

6) Specific region of study. For example- California in USA or Ontario in Canada etc.. 

We divide the University list provided to the student into three sections based on chances of admit- High Chances, Medium, and Risky.

Once the student chooses a set of Universities to apply to from the University list we provide, our consultants will begin the application process. The students have to provide us with their personal details along with important documents such as Transcripts, Certificates, Bank Statements, Letters of Recommendation etc... using which the Consultants will send applications to the desired Universities. All information regarding important documents will be provided to the student.   

We provide University Application service to the following countries-





New Zealand

European Countries- France, Poland, Italy, and Germany. 

We're experienced in guiding thousands of students in their University Application process and we will help make the process effective and simple. 

Facts & Figures:-

4000+ University Applications

3500+  Approved Visas

6+ Countries

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If you have applied for foreign universities before, you’ll know that there is a lot of documentation involved through out the journey (From college applications to Visa). For example, Statement of Purpose, Letters of recommendation, Form-fill ups etc.. We guide you in drafting and submitting all the required documents for university application, and post-admit process as you go for applying for Visa.



Moving to USA?

Moving to a new country, be it permanently or temporarily, can be a bit challenging. Especially to a country like USA, which has stringent filtering process for foreigners moving into the country. Here the application and documentation part can get confusing. We at Dr. Raju’s guide you in making that process simple, effective, and less-time consuming.

We keep a track of all the documentation required, prepare you for interviews, and suggest best practices in your journey to the United States, be it as a student, working professional, Traveller or a family member.

Ganapathi Raju
Senior Visa Consultant

20+ Years expereince in all types of USA Visas. 

Laxmi Dandu
University Consultant

Expert University Counselor for USA, Canada, and Australia.

Neelima C
University Consultant

Expert Consultant for Universities based in USA. 

Alekhya Raavi
University Consultant

Expert Consultant for Universities based in Canada and Australia. 

Student Counselor

Expert counselor in University Application process.