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About GRE

GRE General Test-

Gradutae Reward Exam(GRE), is a test written by Prospective Graduate students, applying for Master's courses in multiple Universities across USA, Canada, and other European countries. 

Why do you need GRE scores?

 If you're looking to study Graduate courses (Masters or MBA)  in top Universities across the world, submitting GRE scores is a mandatory requirement. Universities take GRE Scores to be a common indicator of a student's Analytical, Logical, and Verbal Reasoning Skills. This test, conducted by a non-profit educational assessment and research organization called ETS, was designed to reflect a student's critcal thinking abilities. 

What is the Test Pattern ?

GRE Tests a student's Verbal Reasoning (English), Quantitavie Reasoning(Mathematics), and Analytical Writing(Essay writing) abilities

Verbal Reasoning- This section tests a student's English text reading, understanding, and analysing skills - A student has to not only read and understand english text, but also analyze the given information to solve text completion and passage based questions. 

Quantitative Reasoning- As the name suggests, this section tests a student's foundation in Mathematics. "Quant" typically deals with basic Mathematical concepts introduced in 9th-12th grade, such as Number systems, Algebra, Simple & Compound interest, Probability & Statistics, Angles and 2D Geometry etc..  and does not delve into complex concepts.

Analytical Writing-  This section is designed to measure how good a student is in Critically analysing a given topic and  coveying his/her views about the topic in writing.  

What is the Exam Pattern?


No. Of Sessions


Duration per session

Analytical Writing


  • Scored out of 6.
  • Two writing tasks carrying 6 points each. Final score is average of the two tasks.

30 minutes

Verbal Reasoning


  • Scored out of 170 with a minimum base score of 130. Net score is 40 marks.
  • Each session has 20 questions.

30 minutes

Quantitative Reasoning


      * Same as above *

35 minutes

Experimental Session


  • This session can be either Verbal or Quant. It is not considered for final score.

30/35 minutes

based on session type.


Structure of the test- The student will frist face two analytical writing tasks. Next up, he/she will face alternate Quant and Verbal sessions, starting with either Quant or Verbal. The student shall  attempt 5 sessions of Quant and Verbal in total, where one of them will be experimental session.

Experimental session's score will not be added to the final score. For example, if the student gets 3 Quant sessions and 2 Verbal sessions for the GRE test, 1 quant session's score will not be counted, and it's not best of three. 

Timing of the test- Individual session timing can be used for that session only. In case the student finishes the session before time, he/she cannot move on to the next session until the duration is complete. There's a break period of about 10 minutes between individual sessions. Total duration of the test would be around 4 hours


When and where is the GRE Test Conducted?

The GRE test is conducted on a daily basis through out the year, across various centers in India and abroad. An ETS account is required for booking test dates and centers.  Please visit the Official ETS website for slot booking information.

It's Mandatory for Indian Students to carry their passports to the test.

For how long is my GRE score valid?

GRE score is valid for 5 years, which means a student can apply to Universities with the  score anytime in the following 5 year period

What is the GRE Exam fee?

To write GRE, the student has to pay $205 (Rs 14000 approx.)



GRE Classes

Dr. Raju's GRE track has a total of 45 hours of classes, covering Quant, Verbal and Analytical writing sessions.

The total course duration is for 4 weeks, with two hours of classes per day, 6 days a week (Mon-Sat). 

We condust one Verbal/AWA and one Quant session per day. 

Verbal Course breakdown-

Text Completion - 6 sessions

Reading Comprehension- 8 Sessions

Critical Reasoning-  2 Sessions

We conduct a total of 16 sessions-  the instructor solves 20 example problems per session, using which students are taught different ways of approaching the Problems. The Student is also given a take home assignment test for every session. GRE High frequency Vocabulary Words are taught using Mnemonics and memory tricks, developed by Dr. Raju's. 

Quant Course Breakdown-

Quant track is 22 sessions long. The below topics are part of the GRE syllabus that are covered in the class-

Number Systems, Data Interpretation, Statistics, Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Geometry, Algebra, Time Speed and Distance, Mixtures and allegations, and Percentages. 


Analytical Writing- GRE has 2 tasks in Analytical Writing, with one Critical Task and one Argument task.

Our AWA track is 5 sessions long, in which the instructor teaches different structures of writing for each task. The students are given wide variety of topics and sample essays as a part of the study material.

Study Material- In verbal, we give out Dr. Raju's GRE Word wizard and pocket Dictionary, where Vocabulary words are explained using cartoons so that students can retain the words better. We give students additional books for advanced practise questions. 

For mathematics, we give out a Question bank with multiple problems under each topic along with which we offer a solutions book as well. 

The student also get 10 GRE online mock tests for practise.



About Dr. Raju's GRE Track-

When do New batches start?

We have a new batch starting almost every month. You can find the details in the notofications bar of this website, you can also call us to get to know more about class timings, duration etc.. 

What is cost of enrolling in GRE classes?

Currently, we're charging Rs 16000/- per candidate- this fee includes study material also. The student need not buy any additional ETS material, as we cover most of the questions in the study material itself. 

Once I've finished the course, can i re-attend the clasees in the future?

Yes, you can. We issue every student a student ID- This ID is valid for 1 year from the date of enrolling. Student can show this ID or the fee receipt at the counter to attend the class. We charge an additional Rs 1000/- for re-attending the course.